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Missing Childhood Status for Whatsapp – Display Picture for School Friends + Message

Missing Childhood Status for Whatsapp  – Display Picture for School Friends + Message: Hey buddies. Here are wonderful Missing Childhood Status for Whatsapp  with Display Picture for School Friends and messages  you can send to your friends on Whatsapp messenger. Messages here will be realistic and you can relate them to your good old school days.

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Missing Childhood Status for Whatsapp

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Some of the best classroom memories for Whatsapp

By Abhimithra Karthikeya

This is my 8th class memory where we used to sit in last bench and play all kinds of games.

On a good day in social class, sir decided to ask questions to all students randomly and we were busy playing book cricket in the last bench.

I kept an ear to what sir was asking others and my friend beside was totally into the game.

Sir asked the question – ” Capital of Germany ? ” to few students and none could answer. Then he shouted my friend’s name.

This guy panicked and stood silently as he had no idea what the question was. He whispered slowly to me to prompt the answer. So, being the prankster I am, wrote the same on a piece of paper and he, without thinking twice, shouted aloud

” Uttar Pradesh” …

Missing Childhood Status for Whatsapp

It was 2nd year in Engineering and we had a subject called ” Basics of Electrical Engineering ” taught by a retired State Electrical Board employee. He is an elderly man of 65 years.

He was kind of odd , always hanged around girls’ benches, asking their details and phone numbers. Once a girl arrived late to the class, so he gave her number to call him whenever she misses her bus so that he can pick her up. One of my friends took the number from her.

This guy started giving missed calls to sir’s number during the lecture. Every time the phone rings and stops, sir goes out to call back only to find my friend not picking it up. It goes on like this for 4,5 times. Whole class understood the matter by now through whispers.

5th time , after one more such failed attempt , sir comes into class and proudly declared to cover up

” This principal always needs my advice for every small thing. I am fed up of giving suggestions “.

Whole class burst into laughter and he did not understand why .. to this date ! 😀

I hope you will enjoy these Missing Childhood Status for Whatsapp images , share with your friends, schoolmates and all your beloved through whatsapp and facebook.


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